The Welbourn Side of the Family                        The King Side of the Family


*Thomas Welbourn     B 1780  England


Elizabeth Russell                 B1780                    England



Robert Welbourne               B 2/9/1806           England

Catherine Welbourn    B 5/11/1809    England

*Thomas Welbourn     B 12/10/1812 England

John Welbourn                    B 24/6/1815 (I)      England

John Welbourn                    B 31/8/18181         England

Elizabeth Welbourn            B 21/8/1821         England

William Welbourn               B 21/5/1825         England



Hannah Playford                     B 12/5/1813    England


Arrived in Adelaide South Australia  1837

Thomas Welbourn B 12/7/1838          Adelaide

Catherine  Welbourn          B 20/6/1840           Adelaide


Married                       M  18/7 1859

Ann Richardson           B  5/9/1840       Adelaide



Children :-

Katherine Hannah Welbourn                                          

Emily Sarah Tomlinson Welbourn   23/11/1861

Albert Edward Welbourn                   29/8/1863

Annie Playford Welbourn                  3/10/1865

Thomas Middleton Welbourn          25/9/1867

*Marion Welbourne    24/6/1869
Lloyd Welbourn                                  30/7/1871

William Welbourn                              25/7/1873

Violet May Welbourne                       11/5/1878           


*Edward King    B 9/1/1792           England

Married                  M 29/10/1817

Ann Layton          B 1793                   England



*Charles Edward  King    B  9/3/1829          England


Maria Hunt                           B                             England


Arrived in Adelaide South Australia 1847



Joseph King                          B 3/12/1856         Georgetown

*Mark King                         B 29/3/1862         Georgetown

William King                        B

Anne King                             B

Sarah King                            B

Eliza King                             B

Maria King                           B

Rebecca King                       B

Elizabeth King                     B



Our Direct Family



Marion           Welbourne

Married                                              January 1st,                      1894

Mark King                                         



Charles Leonard King                         October 30th,                   1894

Layton Ernest King                             February 4th                    1899

Harold Welbourn King                         July 11th                          1906 

Mark Melville King                             July 9th                           1910


Charles Leonard King

Married                                              10th. April                        1923

Agnes Frances Catt                             May 5th,                           1895



Roy Leonard King                               April 15th,                        1924

Brian Welbourne King                        January 18th                     1929

Married                                              March 31st,                      1951

Valerie Kathleen Grove-Jones              September 6th,                  1929

Valerie K King  - Deceased                  February 26th                   2009



Mark Welbourne King                         October 1st,                     1952

Died                                                   August 29th                    1999

David John King                                  May 2nd,                          1954

Cathryn Elizabeth Sinclair King            October 6th,                     1959


Mark Welbourne King –Deceased        August 29th                      1999

Married                                              March 2nd                        1974

Kim Liam Chai                                   August 2nd                        1951


Michael Welbourne                             June   20th                      1985



 David John King

Married                                              March                             1989

Diana Flanagan                                   May 2nd                           1961


Nicholas Daniel                                  September 14th,               1989

Lucy  Alexandra                                 September 6th.,                 1991


Cathryn Elizabeth Sinclair King

Married                                                 April 20th                      1996

Phil Goff                                               September 23rd              1957


Timothy John                                         March 16th                   1998